Tamal Bandyopadhyay When the middle class takes centre stage

Mihir S Sharma Short-sellers have a role to play in market processes

Automakers Renault and Nissan make cross-shareholdings equal at 15%

Apple supplier in India begins making parts of AirPods for export

Adani rebuttal to Hindenburg fails to stem concern, bond plunge quickens

Web Exclusive

Rail Vikas, Titagarh: Bullish trend in railway-related stocks may continue

Finland invites Indian tech professionals during global layoff season

Editorial Quick settlement: T+1 will increase liquidity

Night Time Light radiance in India rose 43% in last 10 years: Report

Statsguru: Six charts show average variation in the Budget estimates

Budget 2023: What is the Economic Survey? All you need to about it

India win first Women's U-19 T20 World Cup with thumping win over England


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Should RBI bring uniformity in regulations for banking entities?

  • Yes
  • No







The emperor's new valuation

Mihir S Sharma

Illustration: Ajay Mohanty Short-sellers have a role to play in market processes - but it is regulators that really make markets move

The real gainers from F&O 'casino'

Debashis Basu

Whether they make or lose money, traders have to incur transaction costs, including brokerage, exchange fees, turnover fees, and securities transaction tax, etc.


Quick settlement

T 1 will increase liquidity

Green debut

Green bonds can help lower borrowing cost

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tax, tax savings, capital gains tax

Tax harvesting: Strategy for offsetting losses that needs careful planning

Equity investors should go for the strategy before March 31 and reduce their liability on capital gains

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Apple supplier in India begins making parts of AirPods for export

Apple is building out production in India to reduce its reliance on China, where US trade restrictions and Covid-related disruptions have made ...

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