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Expenditure profile is a full compilation of information from all ministries and departments to analyse the Union government’s financial performance. It documents budgetary trends on important policy issues, such as gender budget, welfare of women, resource allocation for the northeastern states and many other important issues. It also contains consolidated information about government schemes, such as centrally-sponsored schemes, subsidies, and investment in public-sector undertakings (PSUs).
Since the merger of the Railway Budget with the Union Budget in 2017-18, the information in the expenditure profile also includes a detailed analysis of the Ministry of Railways. The statements contained in this document are prepared on the basis of inputs given by ministries and departments. Some of the statements are based on the data contained in the Expenditure Budget.
The Expenditure profile provides a summary of expenditure of the Union government which includes actual revenues and capital spent in the previous financial year and the budgeted and revised estimates for the current financial year, besides estimates for the upcoming financial year.
The document also provides a statement of major variations in expenditure between Budgeted Estimates and Revised Estimates of the ongoing financial year. It details the expenditure of ministries and departments, transfers to Union Territories and legislature. Expenditure profile also lists in detail the spending on subsidies — food, fertiliser and other important ones.
The five parts of the expenditure profile also include information about spending on external sectors, such as externally aided projects and loans to foreign governments. The final part is the detailed statement of analysis on railways with an overview of receipts and expenditure.

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