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August 12 marks the annual celebration of International Youth Day as an awareness day, designated by the United Nations (UN). The first Youth Day was observed in 1999 after the UN General Assembly (UNGA) passed a resolution accepting the recommendation made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth in Lisbon. 
Why is International Youth Day celebrated?
This day is dedicated to the role young women and men play in bringing change in tackling global issues and achieving sustainable development. It also serves as an opportunity to raise awareness of challenges and problems facing the world's youth.
On International Youth Day, workshops, concerts, conferences, cultural events, seminars and meetings involving national and local government officials and youth organisations take place around the world. 
The theme and slogan for this day also change every year to cover a range of issues that affect young people today. In 2016, 'Youth Leading Sustainability' was the theme, in 2017, ‘Youth Building peace’ was celebrated, in 2018, ‘Safe Spaces for Youth’ was chosen as a theme. In 2019, the theme of International Youth Day is ‘Transforming education’, highlighting efforts to make education more relevant, equitable and inclusive for all youth. 
International Youth Day emphasises on the rights of young people to have full access to education, healthcare, employment, monetary services and complete participation in public life.
International Youth Day recognises and celebrates the contributions of young volunteers and activists who are pushing for positive change around the world as youngsters serve as catalysts for peace and prosperity, not only in their local communities but on the global stage.
Today's generation of youth is the largest in history, with more than three billion young people under the age of 30. Being half of the world's inhabitants, a healthy youth generation has an unmatched potential to contribute towards the betterment of our society.


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