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Pixels are small squares that are put together like pieces of a puzzle or mosaic to create a digital canvas. Image resolution is usually determined by the amount of pixels it packs together in a space. Higher pixel count results in better resolution. For easy classification, the pixels are also measured in megapixel format, which basically means one million pixels.
Counted per inch, pixels and megapixels determine the digital image resolution. For example, a 12-megapixel camera sensor can produce images with 12 million pixels per inch (PPI). Similarly, an 8MP camera sensor can produce images with eight million PPI. The 12MP sensor squeeze in more megapixels per inch, therefore, produces sharper images compared to an 8MP sensor. Image quality, however, is not determined only by the megapixel count. Colour array, light sensitivity and detail optimisations are some other parameters that determines image quality.
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