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How to get a birth certificate in India? Amid the row over Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens (NRC), reports have emerged of scores of people gathering at municipal corporation offices across the country to get their birth certificates. While a birth certificate is only one of the documents required under NRC along with school leaving certificates, documents relating to land, etc, registration of birth is, however, mandatory across the country.
All you need to know about registration of birth
Under the Civil Registration System (CRS) of India, the registration of births is mandatory. The Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 (RBD Act) makes the registration of birth, death and stillbirth compulsory across the country.
What does the Registration of Births and Deaths Act provide for?
This Act provides for:
—Uniform law across India on the registration of births and deaths
—Compulsory registration of all births and deaths
—Implementation of the Act is the responsibility of the state
—Rules framed by the states are based on a set of rules provided by the Registrar General, India.

Who issues birth certificate?
The birth has to be registered with the concerned local authority, which issues the certificate. For instance in Delhi, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the New Delhi Municipal Corporation or the Delhi Cantonment Board would issue the birth certificate. In the urban areas, Municipal Corporation or Municipal Council issues the certificate. In rural areas the Tehsildar or the Gram Panchayat Office issues it.
Steps to apply for a Birth Certificate?
Step 1. Download a Birth Certificate Registration Form online through the website - or get it from the registrar’s office
Note: If a child is born in a hospital, the form is provided by the medical officer-in-charge.
Step 2. Fill in the form within 21 days of the birth of the child.
Note: The stipulated period for applying for a birth certificate is within 21 days of a child being born.
Step 3. Once the registrar verifies the birth records (date, time, place of birth, parent’s ID proof, nursing home etc.) the certificate is issued.
What are the documents required for a birth certificate?
Parents birth certificates, marriage certificate of the parents, proof of a birth letter from the hospital or nursing home, parents’ identity proof.
How long does it take to get a birth certificate in India?
It usually takes up to seven days for the authorities to issue a birth certificate
How to apply for a late birth certificate?
— The period for applying for a birth certificate is within 21 days of a child being born. However, if due to some reason, parents fail to register the child within the stipulated time, they have to pay a late fee (in case registration is done within a month). This is possible under the Delayed Registration provisions prescribed under Section 13 of the Act.
— Beyond 30 days but within a year, a birth is registered with the written permission of the authority and on payment of a late fee. An affidavit needs to be produced too.

— Beyond a year, birth can be registered only by the magistrate after the birth date has been verified.
What is the procedure for birth registration for a child born outside India?
For children born outside India, their birth is registered under the provisions of the Citizenship Act 1955 and Citizens (Registration at Indian consulates) Rules, 1956 at the Indian Missions. However, if the parents of the child return to India to settle, the birth can be registered within 60 days from the date of arrival of the child to India, after which the delayed registration provisions are applicable.
Where is a birth certificate required?
A birth certificate is required when a person needs to establish their age, claim social security benefits, apply for passport, obtain documents such as driving license, passport, marriage certificate, etc.

A birth certificate is also needed for admission in educational institutes and government jobs.


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