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The Coronavirus outbreak (officially known as Covid-19), which started in China, has so far killed 6,311,923 people across the globe and infected 532,022,757 (as on May 31, 2022). The virus has spread to 228 countries. In India, 43,158,087 confirmed cases and 524,630 deaths have been reported so far, according to official figures released by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW). To check the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, or Covid-19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced nationwide lockdown till May, meaning the country's 1.3 billion citizens — except those engaged in providing essential services — would not step out of their homes. This lockdown was extended a couple of times and lifted in a graded way starting June 2020. The restrictions related to coronavirus spread will be lifted nation-wide from March 31, 2022. Read More..