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  • TNC Rajagopalan

    Diverse views on trade & investment at Davos TNC Rajagopalan

    Beneath the high sounding words during the discussions, willingness to co-operate on trade and investment issues was missing

  • Debashis Basu

    The real gainers from F&O 'casino' Debashis Basu

    Whether they make or lose money, traders have to incur transaction costs, including brokerage, exchange fees, turnover fees, and securities transaction tax, etc.

  • Mihir S Sharma

    The emperor's new valuation Mihir S Sharma

    Short-sellers have a role to play in market processes - but it is regulators that really make markets move

  • Harsh Roongta

    Beware! Govts do default on pension liabilities Harsh Roongta

    The faith displayed by employees in a future government's ability to pay pension is perplexing when stories abound of state governments having difficulty in paying salaries

  • Tamal Bandyopadhyay

    When the middle class takes centre stage Tamal Bandyopadhyay

    While the tax slabs may be reasonable, many exemptions have become anachronisms - they don't reflect the reality when we take into consideration the cost of inflation

  • Nachiket Mor

    Refresh the approach to growth, equity Nachiket Mor

    Agricultural credit continues to be subsidised through an interest subvention scheme instead of converting these subsidies into cash transfers to farmers

  • T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan

    From BBC documentary to Hindenburg, the political fallout remains unclear T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan

    The chances are that as the din over the Karnataka election gathers steam, these things will be quickly forgotten

  • Shekhar Gupta

    Return of the Muslim Shekhar Gupta

    Old secularism hasn't broken out. But from Modi and Bhagwat to Rahul and Shah Rukh, straws in the wind signal change

  • T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan

    The case for baby RBIs T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan

    Despite its admirable competence and proven track record, the Reserve Bank of India doesn't have the capacity to supervise an economy that's growing so fast and becoming larger by the year

  • Devangshu Datta

    Hindenburg's hydrogen connection Devangshu Datta

    It is ironic that a research outfit that has accused the Adani group of financial manipulation is named after a disaster that continues to haunt the world's hydrogen ambitions

  • T N Ninan

    Hindenburg flames again: Can Adani repeat what Dhirubhai did in the 80s? T N Ninan

    The last time a bear attack was launched on a businessman gaining prominence rapidly was in the early 1980s when a cabal of brokers took on "an over-priced Reliance share", recalls T N Ninan

  • Suveen Sinha

    Tech layoffs: It's business, not personal Suveen Sinha

    It's not that they don't want you, just that they do not need you anymore. Or, so they think

  • Vir Sanghvi

    An illusion that divides Vir Sanghvi

    Every debate is recast in left vs right terms in the urban mindscape, but it is hard to tell one from the other

  • Rajesh Kumar

    Three points for the Budget Rajesh Kumar

    Of the many things to watch in the Budget, three things-growth, fiscal deficit and stance on trade-will receive special attention from analysts. Getting the tone right will be crucial

  • Jaimini Bhagwati

    The Supreme Court's supremacy Jaimini Bhagwati

    It should not be challenged, yet judges should not select judges