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Saurabh Kirpal is a senior advocate who has been recommended by the collegium of the Supreme Court of India to be elevated as the judge of Delhi High Court. Once approved by the Central government, Kirpal would become India's first openly gay judge, a milestone for LGBTQ rights in India.
Judges in India are appointed after the collegium makes recommendations followed by the formal approval of the central government.
The government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to approve his name soon. Kirpal could have been appointed earlier in 2018, but the decision was deferred by the collegium at least thrice. The government, after a background check, had flagged Kirpal's partner a "potential security risk" because of his foreign origin. However, Kirpal dismissed the claim and said he believed it was rather his sexual orientation that was coming in the way of his appointment, according to media reports.
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