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Debashis Basu

Debashis Basu

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  • The real gainers from F&O 'casino'

    15 hours ago

    Whether they make or lose money, traders have to incur transaction costs, including brokerage, exchange fees, turnover fees, and securities transaction tax, etc.

  • Lessons from the biggest multibaggers

    15-01-2023 22:12:00

    While banks are paying you 6-7 per cent per annum, every few years a handful of stocks can go up 100 per cent or more. Over 10 years some stocks can go up manifold

  • Pitfalls in second-guessing markets

    01-01-2023 22:50:00

    The crystal ball can never anticipate all big events that move the market, and impact economies and countries. And yet, we have an insatiable desire to lap up forecasts

  • Bad loans & IBC: Going as expected

    18-12-2022 22:00:00

    Indeed, the IBC has only proven how wide and deep corrupt banking practices in PSBs were

  • Finfluencers: Sebi's lost battle

    04-12-2022 23:39:00

    The size, activity, and influence of these people have become so large that Sebi's onerous regulations for registered advisors look hopelessly ineffective, and those who follow them feel like losers

  • The FTX fraud and first principles

    20-11-2022 22:10:00

    FTX, which was valued at $32 billion a few months ago and funded by the finest names of the global financial markets, suddenly declared bankruptcy on November 11

  • The stealth bull market

    06-11-2022 22:32:00

    With the benefit of hindsight, India's stealth bull market is underpinned by some strong positives. The most important of these is earnings growth across different sectors

  • MF investments in loss-making tech stocks

    23-10-2022 22:11:00

    Zomato, Delhivery, Nykaa, CarTrade-there is no chance of these companies making enough money to justify their lofty valuations. Why are mutual funds then putting investors' money at risk?

  • Tweaking IPO rules won't stop mispricing

    09-10-2022 23:05:00

    Sebi has announced "stricter information disclosures" in an effort to bring down the "information asymmetry" between issuers and investors

  • Decoupling theory again

    25-09-2022 22:08:00

    Our idea of Indian outperformance comes from comparing the S&P500, which is a dollar-denominated index, to the Nifty or Sensex, which are rupee-denominated indices

  • Time to change Sebi rules on advice

    11-09-2022 21:27:00

    If you read Sebi regulations on investment advice, retail algos are illegal products

  • Rakesh Jhunjhunwala: A perspective

    28-08-2022 23:42:00

    In fact, Rakesh's achievement was greater than that of Mr Simons, a mathematical genius who has a team of super-bright mathematicians and physicists to develop quantitative techniques

  • Regulating investment advice: Fintech vs Sebi

    14-08-2022 23:33:00

    How do fintech firms deal with the physical process that Sebi demands? They can't

  • An old, new bull market?

    31-07-2022 22:45:00

    Rising inflation, rising interest rates, and slow growth together act as a cold wet blanket on the stock market

  • 'Rational man' regulation: A farce

    17-07-2022 21:59:00

    People who circle junkyards for matching hubcaps will buy mutual funds without reading the prospectus