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Permanent commission for women officers but fight for combat roles still on

The IAF has operationalised eight women fighter pilots. And the navy permits women officers onboard warships, even when they sail into battle

The latest Honda City is not just a cosmetic upgrade, but very much a brand new car
In the clubs there is chatter about the pros and cons of opening up, of having “closed-door racing”
Clarity of thought and communication is important at a time when people are in a virtual loop and have to deal with distractions at home
The SUV exemplifies what the automaker is best known for: innovative engineering


  • Feeding into the feedback

    newspapers, magazines, ad revenue, advertising, ads Aakar Patel

    The democratisation of social media carries with it the understanding that its users will be responsible. For this reason it is less regulated ...

  • Animal instinct

    A still from Dariush Mehrjui’s Gaav Ranjita Ganesan

    Gaav inspires reflection on widely held, and poorly judged, ideas of what it is to be and appear and behave 'human'

  • The forgotten Bombay School

    A painting by D C Joglekar Kishore Singh

    Bombay School was based on realism, or naturalism, as taught by the colonial mindset that patterned it.

To a large extent, traction has been driven by porn for the new social media trends, though net traffic has risen all-round

What does adult entertainment do in the time of social distancing?

Pornhub, which aggregates over 12 million videos, claims traffic has spiked an average of 15-20% daily since lockdowns

consumer electronics

The new essentials: A peek at best-selling vacuum cleaners and dishwashers

It is no wonder that gadgets that can help ease the pressure are in hot demand

The device also scores big on entertainment, thanks to its 13-inch (2880x1920 pixels) touchscreen

Microsoft Surface Pro X review: A costly Windows 10 device from the future

The Microsoft Surface Pro X is a one-of-its-kind device that blends Windows 10 with ARM chip. Does it work? Let's find out

The TV has two 15-watt bottom-firing speakers that seem loud enough for a large living room

Kodak CA 55-inch 4K UHD TV review: Minimally designed, offers more in less

The TV runs a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels and reproduces 4K content with a fair bit of accuracy