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The pime minister-elect of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is a reformer from a conservative political dynasty with controversial civil service job cuts on his resume. Three years after taking over the leadership of the conservative New Democracy party once headed by his father, the 51-year-old Harvard graduate and former McKinsey consultant has promised to "steamroll" obstacles to business. He has pledged to create "better" jobs through growth, foreign investment and tax cuts. His critics argue that his pro-business platform and promised tax cuts can only credibly come at the expense of social benefits to crisis-hit families. In his sole ministerial stint in charge of administrative reform in 2014, he was tasked with eliminating 15,000 civil service posts under pressure from Greece's creditors. The downsizing was cut short by elections, but Mitsotakis's tag as a hatchet man has endured. On the campaign trail, Mitsotakis told AFP his first priority would be to "restart" the economy.